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Can you believe I thought this guy was my friend a strategic alliance if you will.

Even though he blew some deal for me he cried and cried so I lent him money via promisary note back on 10-4-07 and now refuses to pay me back over $8,000.00 and has disappeared.

Well even though I filed a judgement and won I still have received nothing for over a year now and so I am pissed. Do not do business with Ellis Rogers and Transworld Mortgage Services. He maybe a "*** artist" at his best and sooner or later he will cost you big time.

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Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States #1312838

I was also recently scammed by Ellis Rogers of Rogers Global. His email address is now and his phone number is 267-400-0315 and he appears to also have another email address at

I sent him $5,000 which was supposedly a "due diligence fee" on 2 deals, $2,500 on each deal.

After sending, on first deal the loan type i was going for quickly became "no longer available" before anything was done. I told him to send the funds back to me and he said ok. 5 days later he still hadn't returned the funds so I followed up and he said I'd get it in the next few days. This empty promise was repeated week after week and now 10 weeks later I still have not received it.

On the other deal he's connected us with non-reputable people that also want additional fees before they start anything and give no guarantee of any loan being committed and closed. No prior deals shown black-lined or otherwise.

One company that has no reviews and was recently created wants a $200,000 escrow deposit, presumably so they can milk it for fees similar to the other user complaints.

I will be suing Ellis Rogers in hopes to get money back but even if I don't then in hopes that other people don't make the same mistake. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ELLIS ROGERS!


I was also scammed out of thousands by this crook. Ellis Rogers of Americom Global is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!

He talks a good game...smooth talker, but is a scam artist if ever there was one. Stay away from this man!!

You will loose money big time! :-((


He worked on my loan and when my current lender worked something out with me I stayed with them but it had nothing to do with ellis doing anything wrong, in fact the guy put in an awful lot of time trying to get my loan done and when I choose to stay with my lender inspite of all the work Ellis had already done on my loan he refunded 100% of my deposit which he certainly didnt have to do, so my experience with him was far different than what I am reading on this blog, cant say anything bad about him.


Hello All

Tanjent wasa friend of EllisRogers and lend him some money. Tanjent aka Terrence got upset when Ellis could not pay him back fast enough due the market ..the mortgage business took a hit..Ellis dealt with the best he could meanwhile terrence you took your friend to court knowing all this bitwhat nakes it worse you put this site up. What kind of friend are you. If you could not not afford to lend the money you should have did it...step up and do the right thing .how do expect Ellis to pay you back when you do things like this?..this was your best friends when I meet you's the real ***?????

If anyone has question feel free to contact me at


I did go to court, I do have a valid judgement against this guy... However He moves around like a gypsy so catching he must thinks is hard...

There are private investigators who will help me to be made whole.

Who ever wrote it "sound like a smear job" has no clue and must be a family member or perhaps Ellis himself.

Mr Rogers cost me thousand and thousands of dollars, his deal in Oxford cost me more than $200 thousand dollars alone.

He is out for himself and his family and will be stopped in a lawful way stripped of his ability to earn money in the mortgage arena.

By the way he still has yet to pay me back the money he borrowed (from a client) to this day and had never made an attempt to do so...


First of all, if someone has a promissary note, they can take it to a court and have it enforced which makes me think this is nothing more than a smear aganist Mr. Rogers.

Secondly, its been brought to my attention that and is the same person and she was fired by Mr. Rogers. No wonder she has an ax to grind. And lastly, Mr.

Rogers never reportedly told anyone he owned diamonds. He was asked to see if he could have them moneitzed or find a buyer. If you have some concrete proof to any of yor alleged allegations, provide the proof rather than hiding behind the internet. Why cowards can resort to name calling behind an email address and not handling things in a adult fashion is beyond me.

If someone has wronged you, you have other options than attempting to smear their name. If you are owed money, prove it in a court of law.

STOP asking like spoiled kids. ***, Grow up!


He should be in jail the feds are looking at him he has nothing so you will get nothing total scame.


I use to work for Ellis in Malvern PA. and he is unorganized..manipulative..little skinny old grayhair *** user..That beat me for my first commision from a closing!!


He owes my partner and I over 100K. We are getting documents ready for our law suit.

Many others are jumbing on. He also tries to sell diamonds he doesn't own. Not to be trusted you will not get paid.

All monies should go into an escrow account of your choosing. Better yet, just advoid with a passion.

to Ellis Rogers of Americom is a #1372017

Did you get any money back from Ellis after the lawsuit if it was filed?


He isn't to be trusted.


Ellis can be traced to these numbers:




I know of two other brokers he owes a total of 90K to.


Good evening, I am a former employee of Mr. Rogers.

( I resigned my position with him due to bad business practices)I came across this emaIL because I GOOGLED his name.

please email me at to dissfurther. Thanks and have a great evening.

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